About Angelina


My name is Angelina, welcome to my blog! I am an adventure-loving, culture-seeking, deal-finding, travel-obsessed, 25 year old New Yorker who is currently living in Houston, TX.

I started traveling at a very young age; my mom would take my sister and me to a different destination every year. It started out with visiting the grandparents in Florida, and then became road trips such as Greenwich, Connecticut, or Hershey, Pennsylvania. As we got older we started traveling to more places, such as Canada and Hawaii.

When I was in college, my roommate and I signed up to study abroad together in Rome and Paris. That was when my wanderlust developed and I realized that I NEED traveling in my life! It wasn’t until a long 5 years later that I visited Europe again, and fell in love all over. Now, I have added “Travel Abroad At Least Once A Year” to my bucket list!

Here you can read about my adventures, some travel advice I have, and of course, all about the travel deals that I find!