5 Ways To Survive A Long Flight

Now if you’re like me, the second you sit down on a plane, you are out like a light. Sometimes when I’m flying domestically, I wont even remember taking off or landing. It’s not a bad problem to have! However, once we start talking about flying across the pond, it’s not so easy to sleep your flight away.

The longest flight leg I have flown so far was from Dublin, Ireland to JFK, New York. During this flight, I did not sleep for even one minute! I blame the jet lag, but it was the longest 9 hours and 34 minutes of my life.

Here are some tips that I have to make those long flights more bearable:

  1. Wear loose and comfortable clothing, and no flip-flops!

My go-to travel outfit is leggings and a t-shirt – simple, and comfortable. After all, you aren’t in the airport to impress anyone. And I highly suggest not wearing flip-flops, because not only will your feet start freezing about 30 minutes in to your flight, but the last thing you need is to trip while speed walking to the gate and have a sprained ankle all throughout your vacation.

  1. Charge your devices and bring a portable charger

Nothing is worse than listening to music or watching a movie during your flight and having your phone/laptop suddenly die with 5 hours left to sit there and stare at a blank screen. Invest in a portable charger pack and you will be all set to go. You can buy one on Amazon here!

  1. Pay extra to choose your seat

Now this is one thing I’m always sure to do. I’ve been stuck in the middle seat of the middle column, and I never want to be there again.

  1. Bring your toiletries in your carry on

One thing that always makes me feel better is having my toothbrush and hair brush at arms reach. After about 6 hours of sitting in the same spot and eating every single snack you packed (because you know you can’t leave the plane with any leftovers obviously) its nice to go to the bathroom and freshen up.

  1. Hydrate!

You should start drinking more water a few days prior to your flight so that way your body is hydrated. This will prevent you from cramping up and you wont get dry skin / eyes during the trip. Try to cut out alcohol and caffeine products for a few days as well.



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